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Adventures in Electrical

“Hi, John, what’s your adventure today?” came a hesitant reply.

“Electricity, Jimmy, I need to light up my life,” said with such enthusiasm. “I’ll need 14/2 with ground, nutsswitches, plugs, plates, boxes, fixtures….. hmm I need to find some beer signs somewhere, some tester things and a book. Books are always good to show how it’s done, and that’s about it. I have an empty pocket, so I think I’ll buy a plumbing wrench too this trip. I’ll need one someday,” John stated with a growing confidence.

“OK, guys, first thing is to turn off the circuit breaker. I’m not about to get zapped,” John said with a fear of electricity. “Bob, you flip the switch in the garage and I’ll stand on the stairs and relay the message from Dave when the lights go out. OK?” …John met up with Bob and Dave back at the basement.

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Adventures in Drywall

It’s a rare occurrence to actually work on the same project for two times in a row but sometime ya just gotta do what ya gotta do.

“Actually, guys, I need to vent these drain pipes for the toilet to the roof first but for now we just run them out the side and up the side of the house,” John voices.

“Good,” Dave agrees, “we don’t have time to fix no stinkin’ pipes.”


“Yeah,” Bob chimes in, stinkin’ pipes. Good idea for now. It doesn’t look bad at all. Let’s get to the sheetrock.”

“Ya think we should like connect the vent to the house so it’s not just hanging there?” Dave questions…

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